The importance of AI ethics: machines aren’t out to get us.


18 March 2021

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Meet Pelonomi Moiloa

  • Pelonomi Moiloa

  • Data Scientist

  • Nedbank

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Join us to learn more about AI ethics

The push for Machine driven decision making is motivated by a desire for insight into the world, how to navigate it and to better understand the opportunities for getting out of it what we want. 

These decision making processes apply across the board in all industries and so, machines are technical objects that are closely intertwined with society and its systems of operation. Which is part of the reason why they are so scary, another reason is because their inner workings both technically and otherwise imposed are broadly misunderstood by creators, marketers and users alike. But, when a technology by virtue of the origins of its birth has embedded in it harmful points of view there is no mistaking that the technology is incapable of tending to the diversity of paradigms that the technology is meant to serve. Which all present day models are. So why is it that we continue as if all machines “get” everybody?

Why do machines not get us?

Where do they go wrong?

What can we do to help them “get us” better?

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