How to get started with WhatsApp Business


As our daily reliance on WhatsApp continues to build, so does the opportunity for businesses to tap into WhatsApp Business.

If you’re going to a desert island and you could take three things with you, what would you take? Chances are that your phone with the WhatsApp application is on that list (given you have good internet of course). If you’re like me, WhatsApp is something you simply cannot do without. You take sneak peaks at it every two hours or more and look forward to catching up on all the fun group conversations.

In this blog article, we will answer five questions to help you gain more insight into WhatsApp Business and how to get started.

1. What is WhatsApp Business?

A messaging platform that enables businesses to interact directly with customers on WhatsApp in a safe and secure way. Your business would have one phone number and a profile that allows customers to immediately identify with your brand.

2. What types of messages can my business send on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Business facilitates one-way and two-way conversations. It’s an ideal channel for sending your customers notifications, reminders, or for sharing important documents such as an insurance policy. Many businesses are engaging in two-way conversations with customers to offer superior customer support and to promote and sell suitable products.It is loaded with benefits such as easy automation, management, and storage options, plus, it has the same rich messaging features you have come to expect from the personal WhatsApp experience.

WhatsApp notifications

3. Is WhatsApp really that popular?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is a popular communication channel, but don’t just take my word for it, let’s jump into some statistics:

4. Is WhatsApp Business a secure way to engage with customers?

One thing that’s consistent across all businesses is the upmost importance of protecting customer privacy and security. WhatsApp safeguards your business and customers by ensuring:

  • End-to-end encryption and strict attention to protecting subscriber privacy.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure that users are who they say they are.

Additionally, it has a strict user opt-in requirement. This means that your customers must explicitly opt in to engaging with your business on WhatsApp before you are able to deliver any messages to them over WhatsApp. You can gather opt-ins in a few different ways, such as through SMS, your website, or a newsletter.

WhatsApp opt-in process

5. How can I get WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp consistently strives to maintain the highest standards and best usability. Accordingly, it requires all businesses to undergo a vetting process. Thus, only approved businesses will be onboarded and granted permission to launch.In addition, WhatsApp will continue to monitor your business to ensure compliance once launched. Any breach of the WhatsApp rules may result in users blocking your business as well as the suspension of your account.


There is incredible potential to engage and connect with your customers on WhatsApp. Its significant reach across countries and languages, and its seamless fit into our everyday lives, makes it one of the most powerful tools to connect and engage with your customers.

If you have any more questions about WhatsApp Business, or conversational AI in general, click on the let’s chat button below – we’re happy to help you on your journey to success. FCB.ai will partner with you to understand your business objectives and facilitate the full integration, approval and launch process of WhatsApp Business to get your business up and running. We will also work closely with you to refine and optimise the solution over time to achieve superior results. 

Written by Krystle Hastings