The secret ingredient that makes conversational commerce powerful


Conversational commerce combines conversational AI with the ability to process payments via a number of channels. For instance, mobile payment processing apps, EFT and bank card payments over USSD, and WhatsApp, among others. Conversational commerce solutions aim to improve customer engagement, reduce friction, and take the hassle out of payments and collections.

Why you’ll love this webinar?

Payment solutions form an important part of our conversational AI ecosystem. In collaboration with our leading payment solutions partner, Pay@, we explore:

  • Pain points experienced by businesses and customers in the payment space
  • The different payment options available and how they work
  • How to optimise digital sales and collections through secure, effortless, and rewarding experiences
  • A collections use case

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Host: Krystle Hastings, Head of Marketing at FCB.ai

Speaker: Barry Williams, Head of Sales and Marketing at Pay@

Speaker: Jayce Zidel, GM for South & East Africa at FCB.ai 


With the rapid increase in the adoption of digital channels and chat, it’s crucial to adapt to keep up with changing consumer behaviour. Consequently, implementing a conversational commerce strategy will allow you to convert your target audience, whether they’re on the go with little attention to spare or at home looking for the most convenient way to shop. Conversational AI seamlessly integrated with a secure payment aggregator is a powerful way to automate quoting and end-to-end sales, which will help you capture more conversions and accelerate revenue.

If you have more questions about conversational commerce, click on the let’s chat button below, we’re happy to help you on your journey to success. FCB.ai will partner with you to understand your business objectives. In addition, we will facilitate the full integration, approval and launch process of your conversational commerce solution. We will also work closely with you to refine and optimise the solution over time to achieve superior results.