Boost Payment
Success Rates

Reconnect with your valued customers by offering tailored help and solutions. Empower them to continue their regular premium payments, ensuring ongoing coverage and building trust.
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Uptake in collection on defaulting payments & enhanced customer retention.


Navigate through defaulted payer challenges

Restore their payment consistency seamlessly

Experience smarter support – talk to our team today.

Empathetic Engagement

Gentle empathetic reminders for defaulted payers.

Payment flexibilty

Payment plans catering to current circumstances.

Operational Cost Savings

Reduce call-centre headcount and associated costs.

Recovery Analysis

Shared insights on payment recovery patterns.

Lead Prequalication – The Gold Standard

Retain&Sustain - the Future of Policy Retention

Our platform delicately re-engages defaulted premium payers, nurturing them back to their habitual payment routines, preserving loyalty, and enhancing overall satisfaction.
Tailored Interactions

Uplifting premium collection through targeted personalised interactions.

Absolute Confidentiality

Uphold the utmost privacy, ensuring sensitive information remains protected.

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Unlock loyal payer recovery through seamless, confidential, and effective retention solutions.