FCB.ai joins forces with Missing Children South Africa to launch a(nother) donation solution


Bongi, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven conversational solution, is available on the MCSA website and accessible via various communication channels. It allows prospective donors to choose whether they would like to donate money or find out more about the organisation when engaging with Bongi in a  few simple, user-friendly steps.

How FCB.ai helped 

FCB.ai originally conceptualised the idea of creating a solution to accept donations via conversational AI for the NCCF (Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation) which was successfully launched in 2021.MCSA approached FCB.ai to create something similar to assist with their fundraising initiatives.Bongi gives donors the option to either provide their details or remain anonymous. Users are taken to a secure instant EFT payment portal, using their South African online banking profile, or via payment gateway partner, Ozow. Bongi also enables benefactors to request a Section 18A tax certificate.

To make South Africa a safer place for our children

MCSA assists the South African Police Service (SAPS) in all missing persons cases in South Africa. The first 24 hours after a person goes missing is the most crucial. MCSA exists to be reactive and to create awareness when a missing persons case is reported” says MCSA’s National Coordinator, Bianca van Aswegen. The fact that children go missing each year is a real and present danger, and as an organisation, we feel it is necessary to ensure that the citizens of South Africa are aware of this threat to the safety of all our children.” continues Bianca.“The development of Bongi is an example of how technology can assist to further drive our efforts in raising funds and helping families when their worst nightmare becomes a reality. I am extremely grateful for the effort of FCB.ai in harnessing the power of technology to support our efforts.”


Using technology for good

Antoine Paillusseau, CEO and Co-founder of FCB.ai, explains that the company believes in positively transforming people’s lives through performance-driven AI solutions, with Dr Bongi being a good example of technology being used for good and for the benefit of those who find themselves in a desperate situation.“Technology has been adopted in many revenue-generating organisational aspects, so the use of technology to benefit the community is the next step in the adoption progression. Organisations should look at including technology in their CSI portfolios as they endeavour to transform other parts of their businesses,” he says.


FCB.ai once again partnered with Ozow to bring this solution to life. Oriel Pays, Chief People Officer weighs in: ‘I am proud that we can provide a complete end-to-end donation solution for charitable organisations. The Ozow integration means there are no charges for payments processed, so 100% of these funds go toward helping those who need them most. Our solution also enables anyone with a bank account to donate quickly and easily from their web-enabled device, thus creating greater access for all South Africans to do what they can in support of organisations like Missing Children South Africa. Our mission as a proudly South African business has always been to make the biggest impact possible, and I feel that through partnerships and tech innovations like this, we are achieving that goal.’ 


If you have any questions about our solutions, or conversational AI in general let’s chat – we’re happy to help!